Welcome to jiaxing guolian environmental technology co., LTD., which is specialized in producing food waste processor.




Company profile


Jiaxing Eastlink Environmental Technology Co. LTD. is a sino-foreign joint venture that specializes in the design and production of household and commercial food waste powder.

For fourteen years, the company has devoted itself to creating a comfortable and healthy living environment for every family with a mosquito free and cockroach free.

Now the company's products have ac motor, dc motor two series. Internal sales and export of multiple models. Export products are sold to many countries in Europe and America. The domestic product is specially designed for domestic abundant food kitchen waste to design a more human, crushing and more thorough kitchen waste shredder.

For different families to choose and use, and create favorable conditions for household garbage classification

The company adheres to "quality as survival, innovation by technology, market as the leading, user for god" development and production management purpose.



Corporate history

  • Jiaxing Eastlink environmental technology co. LTD., formerly Jiaxing Eastlink Electronics co. LTD

    In 2002

  • In 2004

    After market research, the company began to develop food waste processors for environmental products. Through the research and development of our technical personnel.

  • The first generation food waste processor was born and patented, and we updated it over and over again in the small range of use.

    In 2005

  • In 2006

    The second generation of products was born

  • Start to apply for CB, iso 9001,CE,CQC and other certifications, and pass the certification audit all within the prescribed time limit. There will be an update every year.

    In 2007

  • In 2007

    Our products are moving to the world, and the first container is sold abroad.

  • Through American UL certification. Because of domestic market demand

    In 2011

  • In 2014

    We began to develop and develop a rapid pulverizing product for the fifth generation of the fifth generation of China's unique food waste design.

  • We work with Italian companies to develop a kitchen waste processor for restaurant hotels.

    In 2015

  • In 2015

    Through an invention patent. The fifth-generation model can contribute to China's environmental cause.

  • Italy will start exporting in the second half of the year.

    In 2015


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