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Hangzhou yuhang a small community to install the food kitchen garbage grinder

In October, the kitchen of the 774 households in yuyuan district, nanyuan street, yu hang district, hangzhou, zhejiang province, installed a kitchen garbage crusher. The crushing functions of food waste include bone, fish bones, eggshell, melon peel, corn core, peel, nut shell, vegetable leaf, vegetable stalk, tea leaves, and all kinds of leftovers. These rubbish is not recycling value to the family, but also bring health risks to the residential environment.

According to the introduction, the kitchen garbage grinder is installed on the drain pipe of the sink, after pouring cold water through the kitchen faucet, press the button, the kitchen waste disposal machine begins to grind the garbage. The kitchen waste can be ground into fine particles and discharged directly into the sewer pipe.

Experts say the treatment, in the first place, will remove the problem of clogged domestic drains. Secondly, reduce emissions from the source, relieve the pressure of waste transportation, landfill, incineration and other treatment facilities. On the other hand, reduce the working pressure of the housing and garbage personnel; It is helpful to reduce the cost of garbage classification facilities (classification bins and bags). At least 50% of household waste in life is food waste, so wash away the rubbish from the kitchen sink, can reduce the number of bins put in the garbage, can reduce the number of trash outdoors, saving time, reducing the trouble.

According to project developers a luo executive, because the kitchen space is limited, therefore, in situ reduction processing, is an effective measures of eat hutch garbage disposal, this kitchen waste treatment plant is very common in foreign countries. In 2011, they positioned the residential area as a high-end property, advocating a green lifestyle, and became the first residential area in yuhang district to use the kitchen waste disposal equipment.

The process of pulverization is also controversial. Will it impact the treatment plant? Bear the village sewage treatment of hangzhou seven sewage treatment plant, head of technical department said, after the kitchen waste pulverizer shattered, into the sewer, filter could make the sewage factory burden, filtered water particles increase. This approach is likely to make particles garbage, in the city sewer breeding ground for germs, flies, and lead to the spread of disease, may cause the city drainage pipeline jam at the same time, also will inevitably produce certain secondary pollution. But the director also said that, for the time being, a small amount of grinding waste into the pipeline would not have much impact on sewage treatment.