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Food garbage processor, easy to promote?


The "chef" in the home is deeply experienced, the kitchen waste once did not deal with, not only smelly, also can breed a lot of bacteria. Approaching the Spring Festival, the reporter visits the market to see, "food garbage processor" in the kitchen area is particularly eye-catching. But sales people say there are more people watching than buying.

Statistics show that China's food waste processor penetration rate is still less than 0.1 percent compared with more than 70 percent in Europe and the United States, and the industry is still in its infancy.

Destroy the garbage from the kitchen source

Recently, the kitchen of Mr. Gubeiwan's family has introduced a magic weapon. The reporter sees in his home kitchen, wan will be an exploitation of the orange peel into the sink, open the tap water, and then press a button on the sink, in a burst of light machine chirp, the water chestnut shells were gone.

The food residue is poured into the water tank without plugging the water pipes. How did the artifact do it?

"The tank, the installation of eat hutch garbage processor," says Mr Wan, during the period of "double a" last year, on the recommendation of a friend, he in some brand web store, snapped up a kitchen food waste processor. The pulverizer, which is installed under the kitchen sink, breaks up leftovers, small pieces of bone, fish bones, melon peel shells and other food items, and is washed into the water pipe by tap water. Before that, Mr. Wan had to throw these kitchen waste into the garbage cans outside, often all the way, very troublesome and polluting the environment.

In fact, almost every family has a headache - how to deal with a lot of leftovers. For now, the general treatment of kitchen waste is still "following the routine procedure of receiving and handling the garbage." And the appearance of the food garbage processor, can handle the kitchen waste from the source of the family.

The food waste processor, also known as the garbage disposal, is installed below the kitchen sink and connected to the drain. The machine drives the knife disc and USES centrifugal force to smash the food waste in the cavity into the drain. Easy to realize immediate, convenient, quick kitchen cleaning, avoid food waste to breed germs, mosquitoes and odors, so as to create a healthy, clean and beautiful kitchen environment. Using the processor cost is not high, according to the tongji university study, the use of food waste processor, at home, a family of three can increase the electricity a day on average 0.21 yuan, increase water rate is 0.06 yuan a day. The cost is about 10 yuan per month.

At present, some provinces and cities have explored the "source reduction". The first local regulations to standardize the behavior of garbage disposal in the form of legislation, the Beijing municipal life waste management ordinance put forward "encourage clean vegetables listed in this municipality, advocate conditional residential area, the family installed standard kitchen waste treatment plant" initiative. Published by the Shanghai Shanghai city life garbage sorting facilities configuration guide (trial) "is pointed out that encouraged" in regional drainage pipes have conditions, the newly built the whole decoration of the house, should configure kitchen waste skin mill; Other qualified housing, while encouraging the installation of kitchen waste crusher.

Household penetration is less than 0.1%

In some developed countries, household kitchen waste processors are common, and in some large cities in our country, the equipment is being accepted by more and more people. But overall, the proportion of households in China is still small. According to the data, in 2013, there were fewer than 1 million domestic food waste processors in China, with a penetration rate of less than 0.1 percent, mainly in villas and new high-end residential areas.

The food waste processor can make garbage disposal in the kitchen, but in China it is not satisfied.

The reporter searched "food garbage processor" on taobao.com, there are more than 2000 products in sales, the price range from 200 yuan to 60,000 yuan, and most of them are suitable for family use. Some brand page shows a food waste processor products, 800 products have been sold this month, the reporter sees the following introduction: "family mute garbage crusher, a leading global initiative and ultimate grinding system, suitable for various channels with Chinese characteristics, special motor has more environmental protection material sound insulation cotton to noise dropped to the lowest industry. The industry generally exists card dead, leakage, leakage, congestion problem. Access to a number of national patent technologies. Aluminum alloy grinding chamber, large capacity grinding bin. The more environmentally friendly it is to crush the food particles to the paste.

Whether or not there is a god is unknown. Industry experts point out that a food waste processor, regarded as a foreign product, comes after years of market cultivation. But due to the limitation of technology, the product is in use process problems - noise greatly, clogging pipes, installation, remove the inconvenience, short service life, produce peculiar smell, and so on, make some consumers have "bad food waste processor with" mistake cognition.

An online store that sells food waste processors told reporters that the number of enquiries and sales of online stores have increased over the last few days, but the number of people who have asked for more is small. "For most Chinese consumers, after all, it's still new, and it feels like everyone wants to see it."

Hong shibin, executive director of the marketing committee of the Chinese household appliances business association, believes that the food waste processor is not a necessity, like rice cooker and electromagnetic cooker. In order to expand the market, consumers should first understand the use of this product and make consumers feel the convenience of it.

Some experts point out that the United States, Japan and other developed countries have strict rules on the disposal of household waste, and they will be fined if they throw it away. By contrast, "chinese-style trash" is much more casual, and the out-of-pocket installation of the processor becomes "unnecessary".

Infrastructure needs to be laid first

The elimination of kitchen waste in the kitchen, and the concern of domestic consumers and related departments, is whether sewage pollution will be affected.

In 2013, tongji university, the national engineering research center of urban pollution control conducted an experiment project, find the distance of two similar homogeneity village, a community building directly installed the food waste processor, the other is not. These two communities can be used in the study to compare the "whether to install the processor" as a variable to examine the waste reduction and sewage discharge in the community.

Research team member, environmental science and engineering college of tongji university, the national engineering research center of urban pollution control Dong Bin, said professor from the point of the research results, food waste processor for reducing trash, waste transportation, and disposal has a "positive". According to the investigation report, if Shanghai food waste processor penetration rate of 100%, 81.5%, reducing trash every day litter moisture content is reduced by 47%, low calorific value by 12067, can significantly improve the performance of waste incineration to reduce landfill and incineration of leachate production, reduce the collection, transportation and processing cost.

Industry experts say the market for food waste processors is huge, but infrastructure construction is an important one.

In developed regions abroad, the construction of urban pipe network is adequate, and its processing capacity is generally bearable. The situation in China may be slightly different, taking Shanghai as an example, under the current sewage facility processing capacity, the penetration rate of the food garbage processor is under 10%.

However, the design of sewage in China is different from abroad, and the large amount of food waste disposal in the residential area may increase the load of the water pipe, which is not suitable for old communities. For big cities, the same plumbing structures are now being used near the center of the city. To popularize food waste processors, we need to solve this basic problem first.

According to construction committee in 2009, ningbo city, ningbo city academy of sciences, ningbo university collaboration of food waste on-site processing experiment research report, when the food waste processor installation rates of 100%, sewage treatment plant effluent water quality indicators are still in the acceptable range. Moreover, the installation of food waste pulverizer improves the carbon/nutrition ratio of sewage and makes the water quality more suitable for biological treatment process.

The personage inside course of study says, if the use of food waste processor, eventually will certainly increase the amount of sludge, but as a result of mixed with sewage in the biodegradation of food waste, can improve the proportion of organic matter in sludge, sewage treatment plant can be extracted by anaerobic digestion process from biomass. (source: liberation daily)