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Make kitchen waste harmless food garbage processor very awesome

The first thing to do is to crack the garbage. According to statistics, food waste accounts for about half of China's total household waste. Food waste is divided into food kitchen waste and household kitchen waste. In the case of kitchen waste, the key point is to start from the source, reduce garbage generation, and realize the dry and wet separation of kitchen waste and other household waste.

This year on March 1, the first local regulations to standardize the behavior of garbage disposal in the form of legislation formal implementation of the Beijing municipal life waste management ordinance, which specify "encourage clean vegetables listed in this municipality, advocated the use of conditional residential area, the family installed standard kitchen waste treatment plant". At the same time, Shanghai has also introduced a "Shanghai city life garbage sorting facilities configuration guide (trial)", to effectively promote the living garbage classification, promote domestic waste source reduction, encourage "in regional drainage pipes have conditions, the newly built the whole decoration of the house, should configure kitchen waste peel (wet garbage) mill; Other qualified housing, while encouraging the installation of kitchen peel (wet garbage) pulverizer.

The method of handling kitchen waste by food waste processor gradually came into view.

Tongji university of national engineering research center of urban pollution control expert points out, after the use of food waste processor, food waste after smashing the back into the sewage treatment system, reduce the moisture content, calorific value increase. As long as the particle size of the suspended particles in the water pipeline is less than 5 mm, it will not cause blockage in the water pipe, but it will be beneficial to the removal of sediment and grease in the pipe.

Emerson, the world's largest maker of food waste processors and the world's largest manufacturer, has long been committed to renovate food waste processor quality standards. National engineering research center of tongji university, urban pollution control research results show that food waste over love you easy grinding the food waste processor, powder particles into 2 to 5 mm in diameter, with continuous flow, pipe inner surface adhesion of sediment will hit and spalling.

Chen jianmin, general manager of Emerson love China, said the food waste processor is known as the "scavenger" of food waste abroad and has received more and more attention. In the United States, food waste processors were listed as national green building standards in 2009. Many countries also subsidize households that buy food waste processors for the first time. We believe that with the deepening of the garbage classification concept in China, love for food waste processor will easily into the kitchen, in order to promote the Chinese kitchen waste disposal a hand. Our reporter Chen yi