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Garbage disposal: good use of the artifact is not a source of pollution

It is believed that food waste is the biggest problem for many people in the kitchen. Bones, bones, leftovers, these food particles are usually only collected in plastic bags and then lost along with the living garbage, if encounter accidentally forget processing, after a night of taste is really "smell also drunk". Today, a kitchen appliance called a food waste processor is becoming a "artifact" of more and more families dealing with food waste in the kitchen. Environmental experts warn that the use of food waste processors can cause environmental pollution in areas where sewage pipes are not fully developed.

The food waste processor should not be small

Food waste processor can take all the kitchen food waste (including bone, fish head, bones, shell, corn cob core shell, vegetable, fruit, fruit, coffee grounds, tea leaves, leftovers, etc.) after smashing into the sewer. This kind of kitchen appliances use method is simple: turn on the tap water flow to the medium speed, start the processor, pour into the above all kinds of food waste, garbage can be ground into a fine particles, and along the water pipe line.

On taobao, the search for food waste processors, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan, can be seen in terms of data, and about a thousand yuan of food waste is the most sold. The introduction of customer service shows that the size of the food waste processor is proportional to the size of the grinding room. Generally speaking, the smaller the volume of the machine, the smaller the grinding room space, the grinding speed is slow and the time is long, not only waste time but also frequently start to shorten the service life of the product. In addition, power, noise and other aspects will determine its price.

The sewage pipe network does not perfect "kitchen artifact" instead causes pollution

The food waste processor seems to be a great "kitchen artifact", and some food waste processor brands work with developers to install food waste processors for owners in hardback homes. However, the new thing is not without controversy, some netizens post to point out that garbage pulverization is a hidden danger in the sewer. Because the foreign water pipeline is thick, less greasy; China's water pipeline is smaller, and Chinese people eat heavy oil, which can easily cause blockages on the inner wall of the pipes.

According to media reports, experts at the guangzhou sanitation bureau said the food waste processor should be effective and helpful to sewage treatment. The technology has been widely used in European countries such as the UK, but the premise is that the urban sewage pipe network must be fully developed to ensure that sewage works effectively in sewage treatment plants, the experts said. Once the household has installed a crusher, and the domestic sewage that is too large for organic matter is not effectively collected and discharged into the river and lakes, it will cause great pollution. Food waste processor manufacturers have also publicly indicated to the media that the products are mainly promoted in the relatively advanced new urban areas in the sewage pipe network supporting facilities. In some old urban areas with aging sewage treatment facilities, it is not suitable to promote food waste processors. Guo jingjing