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Before installing the food waste processor, the user needs to prepare the following:

1) install a 220V three-core power socket at the bottom of the sink for grounding;

2) if the water outlet inside the sink is not 90mm, the relevant switching interface should be purchased;

3) if the pipe diameter of the drain is not 40mm, the relevant switching interface should be purchased;

4) the aircraft of M56 and above shall be installed with air switch, which shall drill a 32 mm hole in the position where the user thinks fit.

Love is easy to provide users with 2)-4) services, but it needs to be charged according to the uniform charging standard of love. The relevant materials (such as the transfer interface) can be purchased by the user on their own, or they can be purchased by the staff of the door-to-door service. The expenses are subject to the actual purchase voucher.

The food garbage processor installed video